10 useful tips for getting your home ready to put on the property market

Are you planning to sell your home soon? A few small changes to your home and a bit of planning can make it far more attractive to potential buyers without having to invest a lot of money.

While the average house price reached a record high, there are signs that the market is starting to slow down, according to Zoopla data.

In April 2022, the average price of a UK home exceeded £250,000 for the first time, after experiencing an 8.4% increase compared to 12 months earlier. However, price reductions are increasing as some families start to cut back and change plans due to rising inflation. 1 in 20 listed properties reduced their price in May.

So, while it’s still a seller’s market, taking some time to get your home ready before you book viewings could help you receive better offers.

Here are 10 steps to take before you list your home.

1. Declutter your home

Light, airy rooms can feel far more welcoming. Moving the clutter out of rooms can help potential buyers get a better idea of the space and how it’ll suit their lifestyle. Spending some time clearing away your items can make all the difference.

In some cases, renting a storage space while your home is on the market can be really beneficial.

2. Remove personal items

Along the same lines as decluttering, removing personal items from around your home can help people see themselves living there. Taking down photographs, holiday souvenirs or other sentimental items can help buyers visualise how they would put their own stamp on each room.

3. Give each space a defined use

Life and activities can spill into different rooms. Perhaps the kitchen table has been doubling as your desk or the living room is filled with children’s toys so that it resembles a playroom? It can make your home look as though it doesn’t have enough space.

So, ensuring each room has a defined use can help viewers see the potential in your property.

4. Deep-clean before each viewing

While it can be tiresome if you have many viewings, deep-cleaning your home is a crucial step.

A fresh, clean property can put people at ease and mean they view the property as one that’s cared for and well maintained.

5. Tidy up the outdoor spaces

While the inside of the property is vital for getting buyers to put in an offer, the outside is still important.

The first impression counts. So, tidying up your front garden or driveway can have a real impact. An inviting outdoor space to relax has become popular among buyers. Spending some time clearing away debris in the garden, cleaning garden furniture, or adding a few plants to brighten it up can make a real difference.

6. Don’t forget about storage areas

While showcasing your modern kitchen or cosy living room will encourage buyers, they will also be looking at things that make your home a practical place to live, such as storage options. Be prepared for people viewing the property to open doors to cupboards and ensure they’re organised to maximise the space.

7. Give your rooms an uplift

While giving your home a makeover can be costly, especially if you need to update the kitchen or bathroom, there may be some things you can do to give rooms an uplift without investing too much time or money.

Rather than redoing your whole kitchen, simply changing or painting the cabinet doors can give it a new lease of life that will attract buyers. Taking some time to fix small issues that you may have overlooked, such as a leaky tap or marks on the walls, can be worthwhile too.

8. Eliminate bad odours

Bad odours can quickly put off a buyer and could mean they don’t think your home is cared for.

Before a viewing, make sure bins are cleared out, drains are cleaned and consider what you’ll be cooking before the appointment. If you have pets or smoke, a deep clean can help remove lingering scents.

Lighting fragrant candles or using an air freshener can also make viewing your home more pleasant.

9. Make your home as light as possible

No one wants a gloomy home, so making the most of natural light is crucial. Give your windows a good clean and open up all the blinds and curtains before each viewing.

In addition, make sure all the bulbs in your home are working, and turn on lamps or accent lights if there are areas that are dark.

10. Have documents ready for interested buyers to review

When viewing your home, buyers may have questions about the work carried out or when your boiler was last serviced. Having these important documents to hand for them to review can give them confidence if they’re thinking about making an offer, and speed up the process.

If you’re planning to sell your home and purchase a new property with a mortgage, we can help you find one that suits your needs. Please contact us to talk about your options.

Please note: This blog is for general information only and does not constitute advice. The information is aimed at retail clients only.

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