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31 Jan 2024

Market Review of 2023 – The everything rally

Markets in 2023 finished the year very differently from how they started it.   The FTSE All World Index in sterling terms ended the year up 22% offsetting 2022’s fall of 18% bringing index levels up to the highs of 2021. The strong performance however masked some big differences in… Read More

31 Jan 2024

The Frustration of Diversification

The website Visual Capitalist recently published an article showing the best-performing asset class for each decade since 1950.   Even with hindsight of news and current affairs it would have been impossible  to guess these outcomes in advance. Look no further than the 2010s . As the smoke was… Read More

31 Jan 2024

How do I get my risk averse husband to invest?

For most people, cash feels like a weighted blanket. There’s comfort in knowing its value while it collects interest in a bank account, accessible at any time. It’s not easy to convince your partner to assume more risk after he’s used to a certain level of security. Cash looks good,… Read More

31 Jan 2024

Looking after number one – 10 weight loss tips for the New Year.

What good are our investments and our money if we are not healthy enough to enjoy eventually spending them?  Why should we care about our tax efficient portfolio if we aren’t fit enough to partake in the experiences we have lined up for when we retire? It’s all about looking… Read More

16 Oct 2023

How to achieve high tax equivalent risk free returns using government bonds.

UK and global government bonds have had a rough ride of late. To be fair, it’s not often in history that central banks raise rates from 0% to 5.25% in the space of 18 months. The recent price falls however have exposed a specific tax driven investment opportunity. It’s worth… Read More

04 Oct 2023

Why you shouldn’t worry about falling house prices

Recent data has been crystal clear. The trend is undeniable. The Halifax House price index has fallen for five consecutive months. In August, prices decreased by 1.9% month on month while on an annual basis, prices have fallen 4.6%, which is the biggest annual decrease since the financial… Read More

23 Sep 2023

How to decide when nothing is certain

Because our clients are of the human variety, a lot of them want certainty in planning. They want to know that this decision will turn out right or that they will be able to achieve this or that goal. We think we are a good firm, but certainty unfortunately is… Read More

23 Sep 2023

Will the State Pension go up by 8% next year? Here’s what you need to know

The Financial Times in an article on the 7th of September wrote that the Treasury was preparing to increase the UK state pension by more than 8% in 2024/2025. This is on top of a 10.1% rise this year. This would mean that as of next year, the state pension… Read More

27 Jun 2023

How to survive the base rate rise

In the movie, The Day After Tomorrow, a massive climate shift means that the world starts to freeze. Survival for climatologist Jack Hall and his son, and humanity means that those living in the Northern Hemisphere have to head south to avoid freezing to death. The mission was simple –… Read More

09 May 2023

School fee planning: A comprehensive guide for parents

We all want the best for our children, and for many parents, this means paying for a private school education Download our comprehensive guide on school fee planning attached below. Find out – The one key action which will go a long way to ensure you are well prepared to… Read More

02 May 2023

10 reasons not to invest in property: A perspective shift for potential investors

It’s easy to understand the allure of real estate investment. Tangible assets, potential rental income, and long-term capital appreciation—what’s not to love? Well, as with any investment, there are downsides to be considered, and property is no exception. Here are ten reasons that may make you reconsider before… Read More

02 May 2023

How much is enough to retire comfortably? What’s your number?

Probably the most important question in all of personal finance, and one that we get asked constantly is: How much is enough to retire comfortably? Bloomberg did a global poll earlier this year and the average response was a number between 3… Read More

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