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31 Jan 2024

Market Review of 2023 – The everything rally

Markets in 2023 finished the year very differently from how they started it.   The FTSE All World Index in sterling terms ended the year up 22% offsetting 2022’s fall of 18% bringing index levels up to the highs of 2021. The strong performance however masked some big differences in… Read More

31 Jan 2024

The Frustration of Diversification

The website Visual Capitalist recently published an article showing the best-performing asset class for each decade since 1950.   Even with hindsight of news and current affairs it would have been impossible  to guess these outcomes in advance. Look no further than the 2010s . As the smoke was… Read More

31 Jan 2024

How do I get my risk averse husband to invest?

For most people, cash feels like a weighted blanket. There’s comfort in knowing its value while it collects interest in a bank account, accessible at any time. It’s not easy to convince your partner to assume more risk after he’s used to a certain level of security. Cash looks good,… Read More

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25 Jul 2022

Philip is in the “hot seat’ with David Bell, founder of the PCD club

01 Oct 2022

Afraid to check your investments after the financial turmoil? Here’s why the raging storm that’s rocked UK markets WON’T sink your portfolio

30 Sep 2022

FTSE 100 Live: Bank of England intervenes to calm UK debt market; London stocks fall

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