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17 Apr 2024

The most important money concept that Daniel Kahneman taught us

The Nobel prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman died at the age of 90 at the end of March. He became synonymous with behavioural economics and finance even though famously he never took a course of economics. In his best-selling book Thinking, Fast and Slow he debunked the notion that people are… Read More

17 Apr 2024

The Death Note

Every couple and family should have a document that explains what to do and who to contact when they die. Here’s how I would start mine.- “ Sorry I am dead. The people that will be most helpful are…..” Nobody wants to think about this which is why the note… Read More

17 Apr 2024

Is succesful investing down to skill or luck?

What is considered to be the best ever performing investment fund in history is one that most of us have probably never heard of. It’s not Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway. It’s the Medallion Fund run by Renaissance Technologies. From 1988- 2021 the fund has… Read More

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In the Press

25 Jul 2022

Philip is in the “hot seat’ with David Bell, founder of the PCD club

12 Apr 2023

Could falling US inflation allow the BOE to reverse rate hikes?

02 Nov 2022

How will tomorrow’s rate rise decision affect mortgages? – brokers react

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29 Jan 2024

The Importance of Asset Allocation and Diversification in Everyday Investing

29 Jan 2024

Investing for Income

29 Jan 2024

Pension Consolidation

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