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25 Jul 2022

Philip is in the “hot seat’ with David Bell, founder of the PCD club

Philip is in the "hot seat' with David Bell, founder of the PCD club.

17 Feb 2024

Half of advisers to increase allocation to private assets

Philip Dragoumis, director and owner of Thera Wealth Management, said: “For us, private assets should only be really considered (and then for a small allocation) if clients have net investable assets of above £10mn pounds.

26 Nov 2023

Bond Market is attractive even if “risky”

If things go "completely pear shaped in the global economy, you are still being paid handsomely to wait to find out" said Philip Dragoumis, Director at Thera Wealth Management.

19 Sep 2023

UK equities in client portfolios

Philip Dragoumis, director and owner at Thera Wealth Management, said: “As we run an evidence-based investment strategy for clients, we believe that the sum of all global capital flows should determine client geographical allocations. “UK equities currently make up around 3.8 per cent of the FTSE All world index - hence this is also our preferred allocation for the equity portion of client portfolios. “Any increase to this weighting means that we are making an active bet that the UK market will outperform the rest of the world. We don't believe we have enough of an edge to make this call and we would argue that the evidence suggests nobody else does either.”

27 Apr 2023

Advice on catching up with pension contributions

Philip Dragoumis, independent financial planner said " The self employed are at a disadvantage as they don't have structured pensions plans with employer contributions"

12 Apr 2023

Could falling US inflation allow the BOE to reverse rate hikes?

Philip Dragoumis, owner of wealth manager Thera Wealth Management, commented: "Inflation is a 2022 story and not just in the US but also in the UK and Europe. Interest rates have been hiked so much that banks are going bust. The issue now is growth, or rather the lack of it. All the indicators are pointing to growth slowing and even a possible recession. The central banks can either start acknowledging this now, or just make it worse by continuing to hike."

17 Mar 2023

Watching portfolios too closely leads to mistakes, IFAs say

The frequent checking of accounts can lead to mistakes , said Philip Dragoumis , owner of London-based Thera Wealth Management.

15 Mar 2023

Spring Budget 2023- LTA Scrap “could see more people turn to IFAs”

Thera Wealth Management owner Phillip Dragoumis said it was "a real positive" that pensions rules were getting simpler, adding: "Overall, this was a very impressive budget."

22 Feb 2023

Short duration bonds most popular with financial advisers

Philip Dragoumis, director and owner at Thera Wealth Management, said the firm's approach to fixed income depended on the client, their investment term, objectives and their risk tolerance. He added: "We believe in duration matching so clients who are happy with some volatility and are investing long-term in their pensions can be certain of the yields they can achieve and that returns can at least match or beat inflation.

12 Dec 2022

8% of adults cancelling insurance products during cost-of-living crisis

The ONS has published a report showing that 18% of adults have no savings, 7% were unable to pay a bill in the past month and 8% had cancelled a financial product such as a pension or dental/life insurance.

23 Nov 2022

Inflation/wages growth gap revealed by ONS

Over the two time periods of January through March 2022 and April through June 2022, the growth of regular salaries lagged behind rising inflation, according to figures from the Office of National Statistics.

23 Nov 2022

ONS report into wages and inflation – professional and scientific sectors keep pace, retail, property and finance suffer

Since May to July 2022, the professional and scientific industry has been the only one where regular wage growth (excluding bonuses) has remained higher than inflation; sitting at 10.1% in July to September 2022. This means average wages in the industry in this period were 10.1% higher than the same period the previous year.

17 Nov 2022

IHT freeze: Advisers say mitigation is ‘all in the planning’

Ahead of the Autumn Statement later, advisers have shared their views on inheritance tax (IHT) planning amid expectations the chancellor will extend the government’s threshold freeze until 2028.

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