Our fee structure is fair, flexible and transparent.

That means you will understand exactly what you are paying and the service you receive.

We cap our fees, so clients with larger portfolios don’t pay disproportionately more.

We’re flexible too. So, if you want us to simply write your financial plan, which you implement, that’s fine. Alternatively, if like most of our clients you’re too busy, we’ll happily implement the plan for you. We’ll also keep it under review too, giving you the peace of mind that you’re on track to achieve your purpose.

To maintain transparency, and avoid conflicts of interests, we charge at three stages of the financial planning process.

Our initial discovery meeting is completely without obligation.

The value of financial planning

Vanguard Adviser’s Alpha™ shows that, on average, financial planners add approximately 3% per year to their client’s net returns.

This is achieved through a combination of suitable asset allocation, cost-effective implementation, rebalancing, tax advice and behavioural coaching.

Building your financial plan

Financial planning puts you and your aspirations before financial products. So, we’ll start by understanding you and your goals. Once we’ve done that, we’ll analyse your current arrangements and develop a full financial-life plan and set of bespoke recommendations.

Your plan will give you comfort that you’re heading in the right direction and peace of mind that you will achieve your goals.

We charge a fixed fee of £2,500 to produce the financial plan.

Implementing your financial plan

All plans are only as good as their implementation.

If you ask us to implement the plan, we’ll do it efficiently and effectively, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Our fee covers reviewing your current investments and pensions, writing a suitability report detailing the exact advice and the products we recommend and putting the plan into action, setting up your accounts and arranging any transfers. The fee ranges from £2,500 to £7,000 depending on the number of plans and policies we need to review and transfer.

Track and refine

Our clients tell us that our regular reviews give them tremendous peace of mind, confidence and reassurance because they know that they’re on track to achieve their goals.

They also know that if life blows their plan off course, we’ll work with them to put it back on track.

We charge a 1% annual fee on assets that we manage on an advisory basis. So for a portfolio of £600,000 this would be equivalent to £6,000 a year or £500 a month. This covers holistic financial planning and modelling, ongoing investment management and rebalancing of your portfolio, tax planning, a weekly client only email, liaising with your accountants and solicitors and any other help that is required . It also covers any top ups, switches, new investments or further transfers into your existing plans or withdrawals. You have unlimited access to your financial adviser and as many in person or remote meetings as are required. There are no exit fees and you can choose to opt out of our service and ongoing fees at any time. We cap our ongoing fees at £9,600 p.a but we also have a minimum fee level of £4,000 p.a. For High Net Worth clients, with above £5m to invest a separate bespoke fee schedule and service proposition apply. Both the initial fees, and the ongoing caps and minimums apply to the whole family and their investments and is not per family member.

There are also separate fees to third party platforms for custody of your portfolio and the fees charged by the funds in your portfolio. These fees can vary depending on the funds selected, the tax wrapper and the amount of money invested but a typical fee is around 0.2% for the platform and 0.12% for the funds including any transaction costs. So the all-in total fee to you (financial and tax planning, investment management, custody and fund fees) is typically around 1.32% For a portfolio of £500,000 this would equate to £6,600 p.a.

Fair, flexible and transparent

We’ve built our fee structure to be as fair, flexible and transparent as possible:

  • As soon as we understand your circumstances, we’ll confirm the exact fees you will pay

  • We’re flexible, so if you choose to do so you can implement your financial-life plan yourself

  • There are no exit fees, and you can stop receiving our service at any time

  • To be fair to people with significant assets, we place a cap on the ongoing fees.

If you have questions about our fee structure, we’d be happy to answer them. Please get in touch.



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