About us

About us

At Thera Wealth Management, we provide private clients and business owners with highly tailored independent financial planning.

We practice holistic financial planning, meaning we prefer to work with clients on an ongoing basis so that we can ensure your financial needs and goals are met throughout your life.

Our team are unfaltering in their commitment to gold standard advice, service and care. Whether it’s over Zoom or a coffee, we’re here to answer your questions, help you overcome the challenges you face and ensure your finances keep pace with the changes in your life and goals.

Our approach

Our holistic approach means that rather than tackling your financial challenges in isolation, we encourage you to place each decision in the context of your wider life goals. We will ask you questions such as “how would you like your life to change?” and “where are you heading?” Doing so allows us to ensure that every decision you make, however small, is helping you take a step closer to financial independence.

Why are we called Thera?

Thera is the ancient name for the Greek island now known as Santorini. Named after its mythical ruler, Theras, the island was once home to a highly advanced ancient civilization.

It is a beautiful island and a place we are lucky to have close connections to. According to ancient Greek myth, Santorini was formed out of a miracle. While we don’t employ miracles to bring about the changes our clients want to see, we do believe that we it is possible to achieve great things when you have a great team on your side, and a vision and plan for the future you want for yourself.

Meet the team

Philip Dragoumis

Director, Independent Financial Planner

Paraskevi Dimitrokali

Director, Practice Manager

Jo Campbell

Head of Paraplanning

What our clients say

Philip helped me make my investments ethical when I realised that was something I really wanted. He has given me shrewd investment advice, but also encouraged me to enjoy my money. He helped me enormously through my divorce, from filling in the financial disclosure documents to organising a vital loan for me to help me pay the lump sum and keep my house. He's been absolutely brilliant, always going above and beyond.


Philip has helped us to come up with a financial plan to retire earlier than originally planned.


I had never been interested in financial planning before, nor had I ever had much in the way of capital that needed looking after. Philip was rigorous and helpful throughout, and very good at explaining things that I had never needed to think about before.


Philip provided a comprehensive life plan, along with advice in specific areas we requested. He also helped to consolidate and reinvest our pensions and savings. His service has been clear and professional.


Philip has really sorted out my anxiety about my finances, advising me on sensible, ethical investments that fit with my requirements. He's experienced, calm, kind and really takes care to emphasise that he's in this for the long term. He is always around to reassess priorities and to react to changing circumstances. Philip really cares about the peace of mind, wellbeing, and – of course – financial returns of his clients.


Philip encouraged me to think about my big financial goals . He created a financial plan for my life and advised me on how to protect the plan.


Philip helped me to get my thoughts in order, looked at my current pensions, investments, assets and commitments and mapped our very clearly how best, in financial terms, to prepare for the years ahead. He even made me realise I could retire a number of years earlier if I wanted too and that the financial plans I had in my head for the next 10 years or so didn't really make financial sense and proposed a much better plan for my current investments. Turns out I'm not as smart as I thought I was.


We feel like we're in safe hands and have made the right decisions with Philip's guidance.


Philip has given valuable advice on pensions, financial planning and above all reassurance.


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