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12 Dec 2022

8% of adults cancelling insurance products during cost-of-living crisis

The ONS has published a report showing that 18% of adults have no savings, 7% were unable to pay a bill in the past month and 8% had cancelled a financial product such as a pension or dental/life insurance.

23 Nov 2022

Inflation/wages growth gap revealed by ONS

Over the two time periods of January through March 2022 and April through June 2022, the growth of regular salaries lagged behind rising inflation, according to figures from the Office of National Statistics.

23 Nov 2022

ONS report into wages and inflation – professional and scientific sectors keep pace, retail, property and finance suffer

Since May to July 2022, the professional and scientific industry has been the only one where regular wage growth (excluding bonuses) has remained higher than inflation; sitting at 10.1% in July to September 2022. This means average wages in the industry in this period were 10.1% higher than the same period the previous year.

17 Nov 2022

IHT freeze: Advisers say mitigation is ‘all in the planning’

Ahead of the Autumn Statement later, advisers have shared their views on inheritance tax (IHT) planning amid expectations the chancellor will extend the government’s threshold freeze until 2028.

03 Nov 2022

Advisers pragmatic on ‘likely’ 0.75% interest rate rise from BoE today

IFAs and financial planning specialists are sharing their views ahead of what has been forecasted to be the biggest interest rate hike in more than 30 years.

02 Nov 2022

How will tomorrow’s rate rise decision affect mortgages? – brokers react

Ahead of tomorrow's Bank of England interest rate decision, Newspage sought the views of IFAs, brokers and money experts on what they expect to see and how the expected rate rise could impact borrowers and savers.

17 Oct 2022

Hunts arrival lifts markets

17 Oct 2022

Pound rallies: Can Chancellor Hunt add credibility for GBP?

03 Oct 2022

UK economy not out of woods despite tax U-turn

01 Oct 2022

Afraid to check your investments after the financial turmoil? Here’s why the raging storm that’s rocked UK markets WON’T sink your portfolio

Investors have endured a torrid few days. The pound has never been lower against the US dollar, the cost of Government borrowing has soared

30 Sep 2022

FTSE 100 Live: Bank of England intervenes to calm UK debt market; London stocks fall

T he Bank of England intervened to calm the fraught conditions in UK debt markets by pledging to buy long-dated gilts and suspending plans to sell its existing holdings.

29 Sep 2022

Bank of England spends £65bn to “restore orderly market conditions”

The Bank of England has said it will spend £65bn buying bonds to stabilise the financial markets after the government’s mini-Budget.

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