Looking after number one – 10 weight loss tips for the New Year.

What good are our investments and our money if we are not healthy enough to enjoy eventually spending them?  Why should we care about our tax efficient portfolio if we aren’t fit enough to partake in the experiences we have lined up for when we retire?

It’s all about looking after our most important financial asset- Number one. As we start the New Year , here are ten weight loss tips that you have probably heard before but have worked for me this past year.


  1. Set your realistic goal weight, find your required calorie deficit and track your calories. – There are many apps on the market that can help (for example Mynetdiary) . What gets measured gets managed- and just being aware of what you eat every day and its calorific value is half the battle. The only way to lose weight is to restrict your calories- calories in are less than calories out
  2. Don’t exclude food groups completely– Diets that work by eliminating carbs will lead to cravings and are unlikely to be sustainable long term which means you most likely will gain the weight right back.
  3. Don’t drink your calories- Try and restrict sugary carbonated drinks, and alcohol. The calories don’t really replace calories from food so don’t fill you up and in the case of alcohol they even increase your
  4. Get at least seven hours of sleep per night. Having sufficient rest means you tend to snack less during the day
  5. Increase your protein intake- The rule of thumb is a daily intake in grams of 1.5 times your desired kilogram goal weight. So 80kg goal weight would mean 120 grams of protein a day. Eating more protein makes you feel fuller for longer.
  6. Eat your favourite foods in moderation – If you like ice cream, donuts and pizza have some. Just make sure you don’t overshoot your calorie targets. There are no good and bad foods and if you cut out the foods you love completely you will most likely give up the diet.
  7. Don’t weigh yourself every day- Once a week , on the same time of day (usually first thing in the morning) is fine.
  8. Don’t worry about reaching a weight plateau – There will be weeks and fortnights when your weight doesn’t go down even though you are doing everything you can. This happens. Eventually your weight gaps down to make up for this. If you are concerned though, you may want to increase your calorie deficit slightly
  9. Going to the gym won’t really help you lose weight but you should still do it. Our trips to the gym don’t really burn enough calories over the day to be a significant factor in weight loss. It will also increase your hunger. The benefits to our health however are immeasurable. Watch out though for your normal activity levels which are as equally important- make sure you don’t sit for long periods, walk to places instead of driving, walk up the escalators in the tube. These little things compound, and over time add just as much to your calorie deficit as your gym sessions.
  10. Know your why – Always keep the end in mind otherwise you will fall of the wagon. You want to enjoy playing football with the children. You want to fit into your clothes. You want to look good in photos. You are fed up with panting when you go up the stairs. Remember these things. Weight loss can take years, and maintaining is as equally crucial as losing it. But knowing and remembering why you are doing, helps you stay the course

“This guide is for information purposes and does not constitute financial advice, which should be based on your individual circumstances.”

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