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11 Jul 2022

How to protect vulnerable family members from financial abuse

Sadly, vulnerable people are more likely to be a victim of financial abuse. However, if you think a family member may be at risk, keeping an eye out for signs of financial abuse could prevent it from happening. Financial abuse is when someone in a position of trust interferes in… Read More

11 Jul 2022

Income Tax freeze means 1 in 5 could pay the higher rate by 2024/25. Here’s how you could reduce your liability

Last year, former chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that he would freeze Income Tax thresholds until 2026 in England, and it means far more people will be paying the higher- or additional-rate tax in the future. Coupled with the freeze, it’s anticipated that wages will rise at a faster pace than… Read More

11 Jul 2022

1 in 10 accessing their pension do so to pay off debt. Here’s what you need to consider

While lifestyle expenses are the most popular reason for accessing a pension, a survey suggests that a significant number of people are doing so to pay off debt. If you’re considering this, it’s important you understand how you can access your pension and what the long-term effects could be. According… Read More

11 Jul 2022

How delaying retirement could help you maintain your standard of living as inflation rises

As the rate of inflation continues to rise, it’s more important than ever that those approaching retirement consider how the rising cost of living could affect them. For some people, delaying or changing plans could mean they have greater financial security later in life. According to Aegon,… Read More

23 Jun 2022

Do you have “green guilt”? Here are 8 simple ways to make your lifestyle more environmentally friendly

More people than ever are embracing lifestyle changes to reduce the negative effect they have on the environment. As the effect of our choices becomes more widely known, some feel guilty about the decisions they make. According to an Aviva survey, 64% of adults in the UK… Read More

23 Jun 2022

8 useful questions to ask when you’re viewing a property

When you’re viewing a property, there’s a lot to take in. You may be trying to weigh up if it’s worth the asking price, if it’s the right size for your family, and keeping an eye out for signs of damp. Having a list of key questions to ask the… Read More

23 Jun 2022

4 surprising things you can learn about finances from Bridgerton

When you think of TV shows that can teach you valuable financial lessons, Bridgerton probably isn’t the first one that comes to mind. Yet, the historical romance on Netflix has a few things you can learn about money and financial planning. The first season of the hit show racked up… Read More

23 Jun 2022

26% of people say thinking about finances makes them anxious, as research highlights a link to mental health

More than a quarter of people feel anxious about money, according to research from the Money and Pension Service (MAPS). People that have recently experienced poor mental health are more likely to worry about finances, which in turn can further harm their wellbeing. The research highlights the… Read More

23 Jun 2022

52% of savers don’t understand the effects of inflation, and millions think they’ll be better off. Here’s why it can harm your savings

Inflation has been in the news for months now, as the rate increases. While you may notice the effects inflation has on the price of goods when you visit the supermarket, it can be more difficult to understand how and why it’ll affect things like your savings. More than half… Read More

23 Jun 2022

Two-thirds of retirees are planning a flexible retirement, but many don’t understand the potential tax implications

More retirees are planning to work in some way after they retire. While this flexibility can boost your income and help you strike a work-life balance that suits you, it can lead to some tax implications that you need to consider. According to a report from abrdn,… Read More

15 Jun 2022

Don’t fall in love with your stocks- a lesson from “The Staircase”

It’s 2001. A writer, Michael Peterson (played by Colin Firth) is convicted of murdering his wife Kathleen (Toni Collette), a high ranking executive at the troubled Canadian telecoms company Nortel which eventually went bankrupt. Their lives before her eventual death at the bottom of a staircase are told in a… Read More

19 May 2022

Taking stock – a quick guide to RSUs

Restricted Stock Units or RSUs for short are a popular way for some of the big listed firms such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft to incentivise their employees. Effectively they are a form of equity compensation. The employer promises to give you shares in their company at specific dates now… Read More

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