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22 Feb 2022

State Pension Review: Why it matters to your retirement plans

If you’ve yet to retire, you may give little thought to the State Pension. But the government is currently reviewing it, which could mean millions of people will need to wait longer than expected until they can claim it. The State Pension Age is now equalised for men and women… Read More

05 Jan 2022

Investment market update: December 2021

As 2021 drew to a close, high levels of inflation, supply chain issues, and the challenges of a new Covid-19 variant affected economies around the world. Read More

02 Dec 2021

The majority of divorcees are overlooking pensions and it could leave them financially vulnerable

The law changed in 2000 to allow pensions to be split during a divorce or dissolution. Yet, just 1 in 8 couples are doing this and it could leave some people financially vulnerable later in life. Read More

26 Nov 2021

The pension Lifetime Allowance: Why you could be closer to exceeding it than you think

The Lifetime Allowance will remain the same until the 2025/26 tax year and it could mean you're closer than you think to exceeding it. Is it something you need to think about? Read More

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