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22 Apr 2022

Your older pensions could be delivering “poor value for money”, and it could cost you thousands of pounds

If you opened a defined contribution (DC) pension in the 1990s or 2000s, the charges you’re paying could be higher than comparable pensions opened more recently. Between now and your retirement, the difference could add up to thousands of pounds. Research conducted by the Institute for Fiscal… Read More

29 Mar 2022

10 unusual hotels to spend the night in the UK

If you want to get away in the UK, you don’t have to opt for a typical bed and breakfast. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, there are plenty of quirky and unusual hotels and holiday lets available to book for an Easter break or summer holiday. Read More

29 Mar 2022

Business owners, is your firm vulnerable to scams? The amount lost to fraud has increased by 35%

As a business owner, have you thought about how vulnerable your firm is to scams? The pandemic has led to many businesses changing how they operate, and fraudsters are taking advantage. According to the latest UK Finance figures, covering the first half of 2021, fraud against businesses… Read More

29 Mar 2022

The chancellor is reportedly drawing up plans to scrap the additional-rate tax band. Here’s what it could mean

Reports suggest that the top rate Income Tax band could be scrapped in the next few years. It could cut your tax bill and, somewhat counterintuitively, could increase how much the Treasury takes in tax. According to a report in Citywire, chancellor Rishi Sunak has drawn up… Read More

29 Mar 2022

5 things the FIRE movement has in common with financial planning

The FIRE movement is a small but growing lifestyle movement. It stands for “financial independence, retire early”, and challenges the traditional path of working until you’re in your 60s before retiring. While the steps FIRE members take can be extreme, it does share some of its core principles with financial… Read More

29 Mar 2022

5 effective ways to turn a lump sum into a passive income

Finding a way to create a passive income can give you more financial freedom and complement to your other sources of income. And, if you have a lump sum, there’s more than one way you can do it. A passive income is an income that requires minimal work to maintain. Read More

29 Mar 2022

A quarter of retirees are relying on an inheritance. Here’s why you shouldn’t

A significant proportion of retirees are relying on inheritances to fund their later years, but research suggests that it could place their future at risk. According to research from abrdn, almost half of UK retirees fear they will eventually run out of money. A quarter plan to… Read More

18 Mar 2022

5 financial mistakes US expats in London are making!

You have arrived in London from the US, settled into your career, arranged schooling for the children bought your house and invested your money for your retirement  just like your colleagues at work. All fine so far? No! Remember you are still a US citizen. And the US is one of… Read More

18 Mar 2022

10 key concepts to understand and achieve financial independence

With everything that is going on around us at the moment, we can sometimes feel powerless, consumed by world events, scared by swings in markets and fearful of the short term. We should remember however that our financial future is something we can always actively shape and influence. So it’s… Read More

24 Feb 2022

10 Reasons to be cautious about investing in property

We are constantly asked particularly by clients and prospects, whether they should invest in property, such as in residential buy to let investments. It’s certainly true that real estate in the UK has appreciate significantly over the long term. The fact also that property prices are not updated on a… Read More

22 Feb 2022

10 tips if you’re taking on a property project

Whether you plan to purchase a fixer-upper or want to take on a project in your current home, a renovation can help you put your stamp on a property and increase its value. If you’re taking on a large-scale project, here are 10 tips to help you stay on track… Read More

22 Feb 2022

8 in 10 cancer patients suffer a financial hit. Here’s how protection policies can offer security

Being diagnosed with cancer can mean facing physical and mental challenges, but research finds that many patients also face financial obstacles. Research from Macmillan Cancer Support found that 83% of people with cancer in the UK experience some kind of financial impact from their diagnosis. More than… Read More

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